Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Warning Signs

Warning Signs
As the life cycle of your data warehouse project runs its course and the development phases are moving along, you must keep a close watch for any warning signs that may spell disaster. Constantly be looking for any indicators suggestirtg doom and failure. Some of the warning signs may just point to inconveniences calling for little action. But there are likely to be other warning signs indicative of wider problems that need Corrective action to ensure final success. Some warning signs may portend serious drawbacks that require immediate remedial action.

Whatever might he the nature of the warning sign, be vigilant and keep a close watch. As soon as you spot an omen, recognize the potential problem and jump into corrective action. Figure 4-11 presents a list of typical warning signs and suggested corrective action. The list in the figure is just a collection of examples. In your data warehouse project, you may find other types warning signs. Your corrective action for potential problems may be different depending on your circumstances.

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